Lisa, I came to see you because I was terribly stuck and I couldn't find a way out. I came to see you for one thing and what you gave me was so much more. I will never forget how surprised I was the evening after we first met as I sat on the lounge and noticed I was feeling so calm and relaxed and then realising just how long it had been since I had felt either of those things! If I look back at the last few months and notice all the amazing and wonderful things going on in my life now, I can trace the beginning back to my visits with you. I cannot thank you enough.

  • Amy Bell

After visiting Lisa only twice, it wasn't until 2 months after the second visit that I was having a conversation with my friend about my results did I realise that I had lost 9kgs. Lisa changed something in my mind, tweaked a little corner of my consciousness somewhere and without me even realising. That something led me to choose to make changes in my own day to day life that led to the success I have had ever since. I really thought I'd been trying my best to change my approach to my health for a long time before I met Lisa, but after seeing her everything just seemed to fall into place. I couldn't be more grateful for the effect her skills have had on my life. This is only one of the aspects of change we worked on together, and I wouldn't hesitate to see her regarding any kind of areas in my life... Many thanks Lisa!!

  • Stacey Leyden

Lisa Drenkhahn of Peninsula NLP is the go to person for NLP. I have successfully run an Acupuncture Fertility clinic for over 12 years and have come across many counsellor and NLP counsellors; Lisa is by far the best. Lisa has trained rigorously in Classic and New Code NLP, with a glowing passion for helping people...Lisa is a superstar NLPer. I can confidently recommend my patients to her knowing they will receive that care, empathy & tools to make the change they require to have a healthy conception. I have firsthand seen the positive change in my patients from chronic depression to simple belief changes. I would highly recommend everyone booking an appointment with Lisa now and create the change you want in your life.

  • Kirsten Wolfe
  • VIC

Over the years I have been to psychologists and psychiatrists regarding some childhood issues I had still not fully resolved. The usual process is to talk about/through your issues and you are gently lead to try to discover resolutions.

NLP works a little differently. yes, Lisa will still talk to you about issues you wish to deal with, but rather than try to resolve them-which she also does- she provides alternative ways to perceive/approach them. She also provides useful tools to do so, for example, visualisation techniques. It almost sounded too simple when she was first explaining this to me. But they really do work The tools and techniques she provides are simple, but I have had several 'Aha' moments using them. Moments where my thoughts just clicked into place and I could suddenly see/approach a past issue with new clarity.

I am a convert of NLP therapy and would definitely recommend giving it a go, what do you have to lose?

  • Linda Morissey